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Philippines fastest growing engineering solutions in pipeline supplies and services; specializing in design, conceptualizing and supply of Expansion Joints and other piping accessories.

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Metal and Rubber Expansion Joints

Metal and Rubber expansion joints are the perfect solution for pipe systems to absorb movements, vibrations or noise, resulting in the significantly prolonged service life of the pipe work and connected equipment.

Stainless Steel Wire Braided Hose

The one or two braid wire reinforcement technology gives this hose a high resistance to kinking, excellent tensile strength, and a tighter bend radius, ideal for high and medium pressure petroleum, water-based, and general industrial fluid conveyance.

Spring Vibration Isolators

Kinetics spring vibration isolators are used to reduce the transmission of noise, shock, and vibration produced by mechanical, industrial or process equipment into or within a building structure.

Flexible Duct Connectors

Flexible Duct Connectors frequently serve as a connecting element between devices or fans and ventilation ducts.

Rubber Insulation

Rubber insulation is designed for the HVAC and Refrigeration industry. This insulation is highly recommended for condensation control due to its excellent moisture vapor resistance and thermal conductivity.

Seismic Gap Expansion Joints

Seismic joints are used for seismic frames around windows, gaps between external precast panels, thermal expansion joints on large slabs, and gaps between internal partition walls and the supporting slab above. Movement can occur in the horizontal, vertical, lateral and axial directions.

Building Gap Expansion Joints

An expansion joint is a gap in the building structure provided by an architect or engineer to allow for the movement of the building due to temperature changes.

Flexible Engineering Solutions



A valve is a device that regulates, directs or controls the flow of a fluid (gases, liquids, fluidized solids, or slurries) by opening, closing, or partially obstructing various passageways

About Us
Our Story

Started 1994 selling Metal and Rubber Expansion Joints, Stainless Steel Wire Braided Hoses, Epoxy Grouts and Instrumentation Products. And expanded to Hydraulic and Bolt Tensioning tools, Spring Vibration Isolators.

In 2005 Linkage First Ventures, Inc is under new management and converted to a family corporation, concentrated on Metal and Rubber Expansion Joints, SS Hoses, Vibration Isolators, Seismic Joints, piping accessories for HVAC applications.


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